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Personnel & Company Vetting

Fresh Haystack Personnel & Company Vetting

Personnel vetting processes help ensure the trustworthiness of the federal government’s workforce, which among other things, helps prevent unauthorized disclosure of classified information to foreign intelligence services or other actors. The vetting processes provide a method to determine whether personnel are and remain over time (1) eligible to access classified information or to hold a sensitive position, (2) suitable or fit for government employment or to serve as contractor employees, or (3) eligible to access agency systems or facilities. 

The FH platform provides the following high-quality vetting processes powered by case management capabilities:

  • Role-based dashboards with user interface optimized for each user role; examples of roles include: CSSO, FSO, COR, program manager, investigator, adjudicator, polygraph examiner, appeals, case manager, quality assurance, applicant and / or employee

  • Configurable workflows with intent-based, role-based access, and delegation-capable with Service Level Agreement (SLA) configurability for each task in the workflow, color coded for ease of identification and prioritization

  • Messaging notifications with escalations, email integration, process optimization, transactional time-stamping for efficiency, effectiveness, and risk performance metrics, and ease of auditing

  • Applicant onboarding via web-based portal with automated forms creation including electronic signature capability via DocuSign

  • Prescreen (Rapid Vetting) capability which allows for timely and efficient assessment of whether an individual can be trusted and significantly expedites the onboarding timeline

  • Investigative Management capabilities including support for continuous vetting, scoping, and pricing of case items, quality assurance, Reports of Investigation (ROI), and multi-variable optimization workflow and scheduling engine based on a Pareto algorithm prioritization

  • Configurable Artificial Intelligence (AI) Risk Integration & Decision Engine (RIDE)

  • Ability to enroll individuals into the initial vetting process-including enrollment in FBI Rap Back

  • Ability to enroll individuals into the continuous vetting process including interfaces to ingest information from data sources such as ODNI CES (Continuous Evaluation System), commercially available data sources, and other government data sources

  • Support for continuous performance management of the personnel vetting program including:

    • Ability for system users to specify and prioritize the data to be collected in support of the performance management categories (health, reform, and special interests)

    • Artificial Intelligence (AI)–based analytics engine to ensure the availability of relevant information in support of end-to-end analysis

    • Real-time identification of performance alerts supports the ability to proactively initiate corrective action to improve the personnel vetting process

We allow an organization to conduct a risk vetting of facilities, programs, people, etc. to create a risk baseline, maintain and improve their risk posture and continually monitor that posture so that it is under active management and not a static assessment done periodically. As the market evolves, this active, continual risk assessment will move to the forefront, from compliance-based risk activities.

Fresh Haystack Personnel & Company Vetting
Personnel & Company Vetting for National Security

Personnel Vetting

At the heart of our innovative approach lies the seamless integration of Onboarding (PreHire and PreScreen) powered by AI providing complexity scoring and predictive analytics ; as well as Rapid and Continuous Vetting (CV), Counterintelligence (CI), and Insider Threat into a unified analysis environment. This isn't just about enhancing operational efficiency; it's about revolutionizing how critical security functions communicate, share, and contextualize information. 

Our system is meticulously designed to notify and escalate any concerns regarding your personnel and ties to facilities, contracts, and the associated workforce or companies under review. We're not just offering a tool; we're offering peace of mind. Our solution embodies a holistic perspective, ensuring continuous, multi-dimensional situational risk awareness across your entire enterprise. This extends to monitoring suspicious and reportable activities both within and outside the workplace, maintaining a delicate balance between transparency and privacy protection.

You gain the unparalleled advantage of continuous risk management tailored to the unique dynamics of your critical personnel and programs. We have enabled Trusted Workforce 2.0 initiative reflecting a paradigm shift toward a more dynamic, efficient, and risk-managed vetting process. The most important aspects of personnel vetting from the Trusted Workforce 2.0 perspective include:

1. Continuous Vetting (CV)
2. Tiered Vetting System
3. Reciprocity (aka Mobility)
4. Automated Records Checks
5. Holistic Risk Management
6. Enhanced Privacy and Transparency
7. Integration of Insider Threat Programs

Join us in this journey towards a safer, more secure future. Embrace a solution that doesn't just respond to threats but anticipates them, ensuring your enterprise, and everyone within it, remains safeguarded against the ever-evolving risk landscape.

Company Vetting

The recent desperate hunt for medical supplies (ventilators, testing kits, etc.) and other supply chains issues during the global pandemic had numerous impacts, including driving competition and unparalleled friction between the USA and China,  still the full effects have yet to be seen. Global competition has highlighted the fact that critical customers - the Federal Government, States, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and other critical businesses across our country - have very limited technological capabilities to accurately measure or predict urgent supply needs such as delivery timelines, costs, or needed volume; all at scale.

Our strategic partnerships and integrated solution with multiple leading global data providers we offers a full array of business data solutions to streamline and strengthen one’s vendor risk management, know your customer (KYC), supply chain or procurement process. With the powerful combination of unparalleled data reach and proven analytics, agencies/corporations can tap into business intelligence to:

  • Verify a supplier’s self-provided data

  • Conduct thorough business audits

  • Uncover related businesses and potentially risky connections

  • Recognize suspicious activities or owners

  • Identify non-compliance with regulations

  • Streamline evaluations and ongoing scrutiny

  • Ensure consistency no matter who performs the research

Our combined solution provides better business data, workflow efficiency, compliance, and modern technology to help mitigate vendor-related concerns. From identifying and assessing a business and its associates to monitoring for changes over the lifetime of the relationship.

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