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Digital Onboarding

Fresh Haystack Digital Onboarding

The Deltek Government Contracting Industry Study conducted in 2023 highlighted the difficulties government contractors face in competing for qualified talent. Findings in this report are significant and bring onboarding issues and automation to the forefront of the onboarding process. Another major challenge is the new “normal” with many large organizations planning to allow hybrid work environment. This shift creates multiple challenges with applicant / candidate enrollment, onboarding procedures, collecting forms and fingerprints, and delivering badges and / or assets to the applicant / candidate.

Fresh Haystack developed a set of services connecting multiple business users and processes to remove bottlenecks in the cycle, enabling seamless and automated integrations between Human Resources (Hiring and Recruiting), Project Management, Security, and applicants / candidates. We crafted this solution to shorten the onboarding cycle, streamline the overall experience, deliver time, and cost savings, remove manual touch points by providing hyper-automation customizable to any level of the organizations’ deployment strategy. Our personnel onboarding capabilities include:

  • Applicant Portal

  • Forms Automation and eSignature (DocuSign) for applicant

  • Forms attached to the case in the security system

  • Security Team

    • Personnel Security Questionnaire (PSQ)

    • PreScreen / PreHire scoring

    • Clearance Verification

    • Background Checks

    • Documents Verification

    • Drug Testing / Scheduling

    • Predictive Analytics - applicant start date

Vendor Risk Management (VRM) has gained significant traction recently as businesses increasingly rely on a complex network of suppliers and service providers to support their operations. This rise in interconnectivity has highlighted the potential for disruptions and security breaches that can arise from third-party vendors. Heightened regulatory scrutiny and a spate of high-profile supply chain attacks have further propelled VRM to the forefront, compelling companies to meticulously assess and mitigate risks associated with their external partners. For company onboarding / vetting our capabilities include:

  • Data Collection Portal

  • Forms Automation and eSignature (DocuSign)

  • Forms attached to the case in the security system

  • Security Team

    • Key Management Personnel reviews​

    • Company Due diligence via multiple PAEI vendors

    • FOCI review

Fresh Haystacks' focus on VRM ensures not only operational resilience but also protects organizational reputations and customer trust in an era where a single vendor's failure can have cascading effects across multiple business entities.

Fresh Haystack Digital Onboarding

Applicant Portal

Experience Smooth Onboarding Like Never Before: 

Designed with you in mind!
We get it - hiring can be a complex process, filled with countless forms, approvals, and tedious admin tasks that divert your focus from what truly matters: finding the right talent. That's why we've revolutionized your journey with our user-friendly Applicant Portal. 

Effortless Applications & Approvals: 

Imagine a world where applicants can effortlessly complete, digitally sign (thanks to our strategic partnership with DocuSign) and submit forms for immediate managerial review. It's not just about making life easier for applicants; it streamlines the entire approval process for Hiring Managers too. 

Say Goodbye to Paperwork Woes: 

Assembling government-required packets for Entry on Duty (EOD) has never been simpler. No more juggling paper forms, emails, fax machines, or incurring mailing costs. We handle it all digitally, giving you back the time you deserve.

Smart Record-Keeping for Stress-Free Audits: 

All forms are securely stored for future reference, facilitating easy audits. Even better? When it’s time for renewals, pre-filled data can be used to generate updated forms - eliminating the yearly scramble and tiresome manual data entry.

Unmatched Transparency & Accountability: 

The power of our process doesn't just end at efficiency; it also grants you invaluable insights. With real-time metrics, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and response times at your fingertips, your organization gains the ability to continuously improve its onboarding experience. 

Because when it comes to workforce onboarding, we believe you should focus on people, not paperwork. Experience the difference that a truly customer-centric Applicant Portal can make for you today!

Forms Automation

Streamline your onboarding process and empower your recruitment team with Fresh Haystack's innovative Forms Automation capabilities. Designed to assist Program, Hiring, and Recruiting Managers, our platform offers a user-friendly, self-service experience tailored to the specific needs of contract or agency onboarding. Navigate document completion, submission, and approval with ease, for a smoother Entry on Duty (EOD) journey.

From standard government-wide forms like the OF-306 to specialized agency documents such as the DHS 11000-25, Fresh Haystack covers all bases, ensuring that every detail - whether it's contract details, badge requirements, or essential training - is just a click away.

Choose Fresh Haystack for a hassle-free start that sets the tone for success within your organization, ensuring every team member is prepared and compliant from day one!


Elevate your organization's security with Fresh Haystack's customized "clearability" questionnaires, designed to streamline the prescreen process for candidates requiring Collateral / SCI clearances or positions of Suitability and Public Trust. Our sophisticated questionnaires meticulously cover critical areas, from criminal histories to compliance with security standards, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates proceed. With a focus on efficiency, our system also empowers applicants to self-select out of the process, conserving valuable time and resources for your team.



Unleash the power of RIDE (Risk & Integration Decision Engine), our unique predictive analytics tool powered by AI that offers unparalleled insights into contract-specific performance. This exclusive feature allows for precise estimation of Entry on Duty (EOD) dates, setting a new standard in the market and enhancing strategic planning and customer service.

Fresh Haystack Onboarding Performance Metrics

By integrating our platform, HR, Recruiting, Hiring, and Program Managers can expedite the hiring process, virtually eliminating bench time. 

With the insight provided by the completed Personnel Security Questionnaire (PSQ) and security evaluations, our system enables you to forecast contract start dates with confidence, improving service delivery, and boosting your organization’s revenue potential. 

Partner with Fresh Haystack for a seamless, secure hiring journey that contributes to both top-tier talent acquisition and your bottom line.


At CANDA Solutions, we seamlessly integrate the cornerstone elements of successful onboarding and risk management processes with our Fresh Haystack platform, your gateway to innovative automation. We've handpicked ClearStar as our esteemed partner to bring you the most reliable and compliant background checks in the industry. Catering to over 244 countries and territories, and servicing more than 50 industries, ClearStar stands as a global leader with a commitment to accuracy and compliance - a choice that aligns with our dedication to quality and trust.

Through Fresh Haystack, the wealth of data provided by ClearStar becomes instantly actionable, eliminating the burden of manual data entry and injecting efficiency into your background check processes. We stand as the sole provider of real-time, zero-FCRA-action compliance, ensuring you benefit from rapid turnarounds, with 90% of searches completed in under 32 hours.

Combining Fresh Haystack's sophisticated platform with ClearStar's award-winning background screening services empowers you to make well-informed, FCRA-compliant hiring decisions. 

Choose us for an onboarding experience that is as strategic and applicant friendly as it is secure, where compliance meets innovation for your hiring needs.

Fresh Haystack Digital Onboarding
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