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Insider Threat / Risk

Fresh Haystack Insider Risk

Fresh Haystack delivers Continuous Risk Management by bridging the gap between the individuals, their profiles, critical facilities, programs and assets, networks and cyber activity to continuously deliver trust while minimizing organizational risk exposure. 

Any truly integrated risk management solution deemed successful must leverage the interdependencies of multiple Enterprise risks, internal and external factors, audits, prioritization, measurement, mitigation, and reporting of consolidated threats to the Enterprise.

With limited budgets, resources, and legal/compliance issues, the right solution needs to address privacy, exponential growth of compliance and privacy requirements, cyber-attacks on Intellectual Property (IP), organizational guidelines / procedures and corporate / consumer data losses resulting in the demand to process large volumes of heterogeneous data from diverse systems; all while maintaining resilience, security, sustainability and the proper levels of access control.

Our solution places all elements of enterprise risk into a single, contextual, easy-to-use platform. Your organization will improve risk mitigation effectiveness by integrating the components of enterprise risk a Common Operating Picture (COP) while complying with organizational policies, Federal / State regulations, and ethics standards.

All risk-related data discoveries can be reviewed while respecting employees’ privacy, and simultaneously enable analysis of workforce generated risks across people, facilities, contracts, operations, vendors, assets, networks, and management. This capability to action on anomalies is powered by case management, investigations, and reporting.

Vendor Risk Management (VRM) has gained significant traction recently as businesses increasingly rely on a complex network of suppliers and service providers to support their operations. This rise in interconnectivity has highlighted the potential for disruptions and security breaches that can arise from third-party vendors. Heightened regulatory scrutiny and a spate of high-profile supply chain attacks have further propelled VRM to the forefront, compelling companies to meticulously assess and mitigate risks associated with their external partners. For company onboarding / vetting our capabilities include:

  • Data Collection Portal

  • Forms Automation and eSignature (DocuSign)

  • Forms attached to the case in the security system

  • Security Team

    • Key Management Personnel reviews

    • Company Due diligence via multiple PAEI vendors

    • FOCI review

Fresh Haystacks' focus on VRM ensures not only operational resilience but also protects organizational reputations and customer trust in an era where a single vendor's failure can have cascading effects across multiple business entities.

Fresh Haystack for National Security
Fresh Haystack Continuous Risk Management

Insider Threat

Fresh Haystack approaches Insider Threat by combining CV and CounterIntelligence via a multi-source, “always-on push model”. When an adverse event happens, whether inside workplace or outside work, an alert is created in the source system or 3rd party federated data provider and then received by Fresh Haystack. A case is auto-generated, the appropriate security individuals are notified, and the adverse event is viewed in context with the subject’s role in the company and the adjudicative criteria of the classified contracts, programs, facilities, devices, badges and credentials relative to the subject.

This capability enables your organization to view all available data points from a “whole-person” perspective; adding an extra dimension to your corporate risk management and employee safety strategies. This approach combines:


  • Activities within the Enterprise (Insider Threat actions)  

  • Activities outside the Enterprise using push technology (true CV) based on configurable risk indicators

  • A state-of-the-art case management system view of workforce personnel data 

All in order to proactively identify and mitigate the threats before they fully mature. Fresh Haystack was recognized by Gartner in 2019, 2022, 2023 for Employee Monitoring, UEBA and Insider Risk Management.

Fresh Haystack Vetting Data Packages

Rapid & Continuous Vetting 

Combining Rapid and Continuous Vetting (CV), Counterintelligence (CI) and Insider Threat into a single analysis environment ensures that each of these critical functions are sharing information in the right context and only relevant alerts are raised. We are providing a holistic approach that breaks the mold of silos and pockets of excellence, to prepare integrated context for Cyber Security, Financial, Criminal, Foreign Influence, Identity Resolution, Behavioral Risks, Human Factor, Dark Web, Open Source and Social Media analysis. Our system provides notifications / escalations on the facilities, contracts and associated the workforce / companies under risk evaluation.

Our solution truly addresses continuous, multi-factor situational risk awareness across the entire Enterprise, along with all suspicious and reportable activities of selected individuals outside of the workplace in a way that is transparent and protects privacy rights.

This capability is based on the Enterprises’ ability to setup a risk baseline based on variety of data sources across critical programs and personnel, facilities within Fresh Haystack ecosystem to access, manage, investigate and mitigate Risk continuously.

Fresh Haystack integrates with multiple federated third-party data providers like LexisNexis Risk Solutions, ClearStar, TRSS (Thomson Reuters Special Services), TransUnion, Kevari, Moody's Analytics and many others.  Data sources and the criteria they cover are aggregated into sample packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum.  

These datasets can be configured to form a risk factor baseline that provides similar analysis to government investigation standards, but with the capability to add additional data sets commensurate with varying configurable risk baselines across the enterprise and / or personnel population. As an example, a Professional Services firm may want to select the Bronze program for all employees and contractors that are customer facing, gaining access to customer sites, and/or operating company vehicles. Likewise, that same firm may elect to enroll employees with access to Research & Development (R&D), IP or “Keys to the Kingdom” in the Gold or Platinum program for a heightened level of inspection.


Our continuous risk management approach enables security convergence and provides an understanding of operational workforce risk by integrating Counterintelligence (CI), Insider Threat, Cyber, HR and Personnel / Industrial security. This allows for companies to truly understand operational personnel risk and define activities needed for reducing risk exposure. 

Our capability enables analysts to see what keywords are being used to search out information about your organization, people, products and services. Features include search terms used, critical technology types based on the Industrial Base Technology (IBTL), methods of operation and methods of contact linked to programs, users, facilities and country of origin to derive analytics accessing individual / program via risk scorecard.

Based on the risk, a precursor report is generated, and targeted personnel could be added to the Insider Threat program or additional Training and Awareness might be provided to eliminate future risks.

Fresh Haystack Insider Threat

Risk Governance

Risk Governance for insider threats represents a critical facet of organizational security and resilience, requiring a nuanced, strategic approach to mitigate risks from within. Establishing robust risk governance policies and practices is paramount to identifying, assessing, and mitigating these risks effectively.

Fresh Haystack enables proactive, continuous monitoring and management. This involves setting up systems and protocols that not only detect potential insider threats but also prevent them from materializing. Such systems rely heavily on a blend of technology solution and human oversight, ensuring that unusual or unauthorized activities are flagged for further investigation. Key to this approach is the integration of data analytics and behavior monitoring technologies that can sift through vast amounts of data to identify patterns indicative of insider threats and reduce number of false positive alerts.

We facilitate the establishment of a cross-disciplinary Risk Governance program that brings together stakeholders from various departments including IT / Cyber, HR, Legal, and Security. This collaborative effort ensures that the organization’s approach to managing insider threats is holistic and encompasses multiple perspectives, from technological safeguards and personnel policies to legal compliance and ethical considerations.

Training and awareness are also vital components of risk governance. Ultimately, effective risk governance for insider threats requires a delicate balance between security and privacy, rigor and adaptability, technology and human insight. By adopting a comprehensive and strategic approach powered by Fresh Haystack, organizations can protect themselves against the complex, multifaceted risks posed by insider threats, safeguarding their assets, reputation, and the trust of their stakeholders.

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