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FAQ about Fresh Haystack
  • It is never early to look at why Fresh Haystack is particularly opportune for an organization facing certain scenarios or aiming to achieve specific goals related to risk management and vetting processes. These scenarios can range from scaling operations, compliance pressures, enhancing efficiency, technology transition to true data-driven decision making, insider threat concerns, mergers and acquisitions, or seeking competitive advantage. In any of these circumstances, adopting Fresh Haystack can help address current challenges and proactively position your organization for future success.

  • Fresh Haystack competes by technology innovation and not by imitation. We are first to introduce many concepts such as workflows, integrations with HR, etc. Our product meets diverse needs of Government & Industry customers vs only DIB/NISP compliance and other mostly tracking tools on the market.

  • Designed for modularity, so you can get what you need when you need it, Fresh Haystack modernizes risk management for the national security and has all pre-configured, benchmarked workflows and significantly reduced development and sustainment costs. Fresh Haystack is COTS platform that addresses all the key pressure points as they are felt and necessary or keeping the bad guys out and compliance levels high, while closing critical gaps in time to market.

  • Don't replace or upgrade. Just Orchestrate... Many organizations often find themselves wasting too much time managing relationships between systems and/or interface partners as they do actually building the software systems. Fresh Haystack integrates and orchestrates these data systems. Data from your integrated systems is available directly for our out-of-the-box composable applications, APIs, and LCAP. Developers can use our platform to quickly and easily extend composable applications that leverage the relevant data in their source systems and, without the added burden of systems integration — and this modular design allows a product to be packaged as part of a suite of risk management software solutions.

  • Yes, Fresh Haystack is cloud ready and has been deployed to both AWS and Azure Gov clouds. We achieved FedRAMP and FISMA High ATOs. All paperwork including SSP, PenTest, etc. is constantly updated and is ready for submission. We also have received independent 3rd party SOC2 approvals for last few years. 

  • Fresh Haystack is mobile browser ready and could be compiled as a native application for iOS / Android.

  • Our screen and workflow designer allows to business users to change workflows tasks/phases/checklists, SLAs, notifications/escalations as well as create new workflows and/or new data intake forms.

  • Capability is preconfigured and packaged for accelerated delivery – a fraction of the time in most cases. Reliable and trustworthy automation frees our customers from time-consuming ‘build, deploy and manage’ tasks so they can focus on the business outcomes, users feedback and delivering measurable value. 

  • Our UI enables our customers to change and fine tune in a simple but powerful way their risk models to their needs. Adjusting risk baseline vetting score or adding a new rule is a trivial configuration change. 

  • Fresh Haystack data is stored in the MS SQL server database. We make most common data views available for the enterprise customers and allow to connect Power BI, Tableau, Qlik or any other business intelligence / analytical tools creating visualizations and any combination of the reports.

  • Fresh Haystack is a dynamic platform that empowers non-technical staff to develop a wide array of intake forms without ever writing a line of code by using highly configurable pre-developed components.

  • We are built for rapid deployment and updates as you need them. Unlike the lengthy development cycles of traditional software, our platform enables quick creation and modification of intake forms, notifications and workflow changes. This agility ensures that government agencies and private businesses can respond promptly to changing regulations, policies, or critical operational needs.

  • We achieve cost efficiency by enabling designers and non-technical staff to configure forms / workflows / notifications /etc., within pre-built components directly, This approach significantly reduces the need for specialized development skills and resources and translates into substantial cost savings, particularly crucial for budget-conscious government entities and private businesses.

    Flexibility and customization is our standout feature so designers can tailor each aspect of the intake forms to meet specific requirements. Whether it's adapting to new policies or accommodating diverse case types, our platform offers unparalleled adaptability.

  • Our CI/CD environment is fully automated and allows us to deliver repeatable, tested, and compliant software releases numerous times a day with a push of a button. Our Agile processes, tooling, repeatable infrastructure, and DevSecOps delivery pipeline provide an excellent baseline to ensure nimble ability to quickly pivot on customer requirements, timelines and react to market and policy decisions that may impact customer systems operations, processes, or business rules implementation.

  • Customer success is pivotal to the deployment of Fresh Haystack for several compelling reasons. At its core, our focus is not just about ensuring a customer can use a product; it's about ensuring clients achieve their desired outcomes effectively and efficiently.  Customer success is the linchpin in the deployment of Fresh Haystack, enabling our customers don't just to use a platform, but embark on a journey of enhanced capability, security, and efficiency that redefines the landscape of their risk management processes.

  • For us the compliance is the table stakes. The goal is to deliver measurable and repeatable success to the customers. Just to name a few metrics our customers realize year over year are:

    - 60% or more reduction in the onboarding cycle in time to get a candidate billable
    - 4:1 ot 3:1 reduction in staff time to do so. 
    - Consolidated security operations to a Shared Service Center while adding transparency and access across the corporate organization for security activities
    - 85% reduction in time to setup a security program within the organization

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