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Industrial & Personnel Security

Fresh Haystack Industrial & Personnel Security


Fresh Haystack makes it easy to accelerate candidates and employees through the security clearance process and easily organize, manage and track all associated artifacts and data. Gain instant velocity with a fresh approach powered by preconfigured and benchmarked workflows.



Your Security Team wants to process candidates fast and error free so your company can have happy customers and be more profitable, not fight with messy spreadsheets, hanging email and outdated software that slows them down.



Leverage Fresh Haystack to fill classified positions across your portfolio of contracts ~24 business days sooner than industry average.  An extra 192 hours per new-hire makes a significant impact to the business.

Fresh Haystack Industrial & Personnel Security

Trusted Workforce 2.0

Establishing and maintaining trust is the core goal of the Federal personnel vetting program. In March 2018, Trusted Workforce 2.0 (TW2.0) transformational effort was launched. Fresh Haystack started updates to its platform immediately to enable effective personnel vetting outcomes, facilitate transparency and accountability for our customers to support TW2.0 initiative. 

Our platform supports holistic risk management by bridging the gap between the personnel, their profiles, critical facilities, programs and assets, networks and cyber activity to continuously deliver trust while minimizing organizational risk exposure. And our Personnel Security and Insider Threat solutions include all corresponding standards and business outcomes beyond simple compliance-driving continuous improvements based on the data driven security and risk management practices.

TW2.0 & Fresh Haystack

The goal of the Trusted Workforce (TW) 2.0 initiative is to support agencies missions by reducing the time required to bring new hires onboard and to redefine what it means to establish and maintain a relationship of trust with an individual throughout their affiliation with the Federal Government. This approach is based on:


Speeding up onboarding

The traditional vetting process can be slow, delaying the start of new hires. TW 2.0 aims to streamline the process for faster onboarding.

Enhancing workforce mobility 

TW 2.0 seeks to make it easier for qualified employees to move
between different government agencies. 

Continuous monitoring

A key feature of TW 2.0 is continuous vetting, which involves ongoing checks on employee behavior to identify potential security risks.

Risk-based approach

TW 2.0 tailors the vetting process to the specific role and level of access an employee has, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Fresh Haystack aligns with these directives, deployed this capability to Federal Government agency and could provide other agencies with a pathway to TW 2.0 compliance. Our platform enables the new risk-based approach (low, moderate, high) and   supports the enhancement of workforce mobility.


The Fresh Haystack platform has full SEAD-3 functionality in production today for foreign travel reporting, self-reporting, and reporting on others. Users log in to a landing page where they can fill out travel forms with trip details and other information. This functionality is tied into the case management platform so as soon as the traveler finishes forms input, a SEAD-3 case is auto-created with 3 workflow steps (pre-travel, on travel, and post travel). 

This case type has notifications that are sent to the traveler to remind them of pre-travel obligations, on-travel obligations, and to fill out post-travel forms and obligations. In addition, users log in to the SEAD-3 landing page for reporting and approvals. All risk data entered is saved and compared to other received risk data (foreign travel, criminal financial, etc.) and risk scoring is updated for matching or non-matching self-reporting and risk data receipts from alert sources.

Why Fresh Haystack?

Fresh Haystack is an enterprise class industrial/personnel security case management system. Our approach goes beyond compliance and features proven data-driven workflows designed to eliminate errors in security clearance processing for seamless submission and process standardization. Our system acts as a force multiplier for your security department, closing the gap on time and expense in security clearance processing. Since our inception offer modern, secure, web-based interface, scalable architecture, integration and automation with many internal / external systems. Our clients generally reduce national security contract onboarding time by 66% and reduce security clearance packet submission errors by 80%.

We are different from our competitors because we compete on:

  • Technology innovation and not imitation

  • Meeting diverse needs of Government & Industry customers vs only DIB / NISP compliance

Main features and capabilities are:


  • Compliance and Tracking

  • SLA based Workflows

  • DCSA Audit Readiness

  • Notifications & Escalations

  • Reporting & Metrics

  • Collateral, SCI, Suitability & Public Trust

  • Facilities, Contracts and DD254s, Personnel Management

  • Foreign Travel and Self-Reporting

  • Systems and Training Management

  • Incoming & Outgoing Visit Requests

  • Documents, Containers, Drawers, Locks

  • Applicant Portal & Prescreens

  • Integrations APIs

  • Cloud-based or On Premise

Fresh Haystack Industrial & Personnel Security

Enabled Team Integration

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for many large organizations to reinvent themselves with a focus on innovation in an attempt to enable technology and streamline their hiring practices, breaking down business silos (HR, PMO and Security) the marketplace is seeing a shift in this area.

Fresh Haystack software has been integrated with multiple Human Resources Systems (HRIS) Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, Contracts / Timesheet Systems, and Enterprise Reporting or Data Warehouse Systems. As an example, our multiple integrations with Workday HR, and Workday Recruiter produce the following high-value integrations that should be considered:

HR Employee Demographic Import and Nightly Batch


An initial import of demographic data from Workday HR. Then, on a nightly basis, the integration picks up any new entries and/or changes to existing personnel. If there are any duplicate entries, they are flagged for correction in our system via our personnel merge function.

Forms Automation


An initial setup for set of the forms needs to be collected from the applicant per contract and/or agency. Then, using Applicant Portal, the secure data collection from applicant, data validation, electronic signature using DocuSign integration and forms generation needed for government submission.

Training Automation


An initial setup for set of the applicant/employee training requirements based on the contract and / or agency. Then, using Applicant Portal, the secure data collection from applicant, training requirements validation, electronic signature using DocuSign and training expiration notifications.

Our clients find that these integrations pay for their entire industrial security tool by simply cutting a few days in the onboarding process for cleared candidates.

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